INDIANAPOLIS — Dr. Donut returned to Indy Now today, but for a moment he had us questioning that choice.

The always-entertaining Lee Marcum, CEO of Jack’s Donuts, frightened us at first with a little too much information about his undergarments, but thankfully he moved to a safer topic for TV.

He behaved for, oh, maybe 30 seconds talking about the Muncie location, which Owner April Simpson opened at the start of the pandemic. The store is unlike any other in its design and layout, created as a space where Ball State University students can meet for coffee and hang out.

“I’m really, really proud of that store because April set the bar really, really high for the next store,” Marcum told us as Host Jillian Deam was double-fisting donuts.

To learn more about the Muncie store, visit Jack’s Donuts of the Village on Facebook.

For more information on Marcum’s first topic of conversation, sorry, you’re on your own. This is a family operation.