INDIANAPOLIS — The Mr. Miyagi method? Turns out that can damage your car.

Jerry Cary, owner of Detail Garage of Plainfield, stopped by Indy Now with professional tips to keep your car looking its best this summer.

Here’s his step-by-step advice on the proper way to wash your car:

  • Rinse with water first — Many people make the mistake of sudsing up when the car is dirty. That might sound counterintuitive, Cary said, but the car needs to be rinsed of any loose dirt and grime before you start washing with soap.
  • Use the two-bucket method — Fill one bucket with soapy water and a second with just water. Ideally, the water bucket will have a dirt trap on the bottom. Use a wash mitt (which looks like a mop that fits on your hand) to clean with the soapy water, and rinse the mitt in the water bucket as you go along.
  • Wash it straight lines — To avoid scratches, wash your car in straight, horizontal lines, not circles.
  • Use a citrus cleaner for tires — Tires are an entirely different ballgame, Cary said. You need a citrus cleaner to break down the oil and brake dust they collect. Scrub the tires two or three times until the soap continues to run clear. Once the tires dry, use a tire shine product.

Detail Garage is located at 2439 E. Main St. in Plainfield by Walmart and Planet Fitness, and near the airport.

Cary has a special deal for Indy Now viewers. For first time customers, mention the show when you visit for 20% off your chemical purchase. Returning customers will get double points for their purchase.