INDIANAPOLIS — Kim’s Key Lime Cookies started in 1994 when owner Kim Harvey was invited to the International Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, the largest food show in the world.

Her first three orders were from Nordstrom, Macy’s and Disney Vacations — not a shabby start — but she’s maintained a strong local presence through the years. You can still find her at farmers markets all around central Indiana.

Harvey made key lime pies as a teenager, which are notoriously difficult to do, and after going to college to pursue entrepreneurship, she had an idea.

“Why not take a key lime flavor and put it in a cookie that’s easily accessible and easily packaged?” she said.

Her original key lime cookie, coated in powdered sugar, is sweet with a mild key lime flavor. She has since branched out to other desserts: key lime cookies dipped in white chocolate, sweet breads in flavors like blueberry and lemon, brownies, and pretzels dipped in a key lime coating.

In addition to farmers markets and retail stores, you can check out Harvey’s products on her website or call 317-870-1100.