INDIANAPOLIS — Did you know Fall is the best season to replace your roof? While finding a roofing contractor is easy, choosing a reputable one is a different story.

Indy Now sat down with Daniel Young, the visionary behind Kingdom Roofing Systems, headquartered in Marion, IN, to understand what sets them apart in the competitive world of roofing, siding, and gutter services.

In 2011, Marion faced a hailstorm that brought national storm chasers — leaving many Hoosiers with unfinished projects resulting in costly repairs. That’s when Young, with his background in construction and a heart for his community, founded Kingdom Roofing Systems. Their foundation lies in PRIDE – People, Reliability, Integrity, Development, and Excellence, not just as buzzwords, but as guiding principles shaping every interaction.

What sets Kingdom Roofing Systems apart, Young says, are their crews and their dedication to integrity, development, and excellence. Unlike typical onboarding processes, Kingdom Roofing invests four to eight weeks in training their team, ensuring they understand the ‘Kingdom way’, manufacturer guidelines, and local codes. This commitment ensures their advisors, can properly consult homeowners, treating each project as their own.

For homeowners planning exterior remodels, Kingdom Roofing advises timely inspections. As fall transitions into winter, ensuring your home is winterized becomes crucial. Kingdom Roofing offers comprehensive inspections of roofing, siding, and gutters. Their experts assess the condition, offer preventative maintenance, and present options for repair or replacement. Moreover, they use cutting-edge technology like 3D renderings to help homeowners visualize the changes before they happen.

Call Kingdom Roofing Systems today at 317-674-4900 or visit their website,

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Choose Kingdom Roofing Systems for your home’s exterior needs; experience excellence rooted in integrity and community.