INDIANAPOLIS —A weed you’ve most likely seen in your lawn has been used for centuries to treat skin irritation, itching, cuts, bites and stings.

Colleen Donahoe and Greg Monzel, founders of Persimmon Herb School in Indy, demonstrated on Tuesday how to make a healing oil from plantain leaves.

(Not the cousin-of-the-banana type of plantains. These are green, leafy plants like you see in the photo below that have the same common name but a different scientific name.)

Greg Monzel finds a plantain weed in Fountain Square

To make plantain oil, they start by using a blender to combine the plant leaves and oil. Donahoe described it as similar to making pesto, except the end product is not as thick. After blending, the mixture is strained and then allowed to sit for a couple days to settle before separating the oil from the solid particles.

Persimmon Herb School, located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, offers classes on herbalism, yoga, foraging for wild foods and making botanical medicine. Donahoe is a garden educator and yoga teacher, while husband Monzel is a community herbalist and foraging guide.

They also have an online shop with products like kitchen herbs and seasonings, herbal teas, balms, salves and oils. Use the code ‘INDYNOW15’ through July 12 for a 15% discount. ]