Local ceramics artist Bob Reiberg has been working on his craft for over 30 years.

Reiberg, one of the many artists participating in the 50th OneAmerica Broad Ripple Arts and Music Festival happening later this month, said this art fair may be his last. The artist said he got into pottery as a total mistake.

“I took my daughter to take a Saturday class at the art center and a friend tricked me into taking pottery so she could get her husband to take a pottery class,” Reiberg said as he began his demonstration Monday on Indy Now.

At the time, Reiberg said he was a middle school science teacher, but that he fell in love with ceramics. Five years later, he quit his full time teaching job to commit to pottery.

To see Reiberg’s full pottery demonstration and for more info on where to see his art, watch the video above.