INDIANAPOLIS — Food and lifestyle influencer Mike Gillis, aka Mike G, joined us with Beth Smith, founder of Simplicity Cold-Pressed Juice & Cocktails, to share his top three reasons for trying a juice cleanse.

Mike G has two Simplicity juice cleanses under his belt. He said the first one was rough, but the second time around her followed Smith’s advice and went through the process the way it’s intended.

If you recognize Beth, that’s because she’s been on the show before. She was roller skating around the studio carrying a tray of juices, so she’s one of our all-time favorite guests.

1. Health benefits

A Simplicity juice cleanse actually doesn’t mean giving up solid food. You incorporate the juices with healthy foods to give your digestive system a rest without feeling like you’re starving. You do the cleanse just three days, and Smith recommends avoiding the weekend so it’s more attainable.

2. Variety of flavors: Juices and cocktails

There are many different flavors with a variety of different fruits and vegetables. You’re not required to do any particular flavor. Choose what you like. Simplicity also cocktail blends that are much healthier than cocktails you’d make at home.

3. It’s everywhere!

You can find Simplicity at local grocery stores like Meijer and Kroger. The accessibility and ease of access makes Simplicity his preferred choice, Mike G said.