INDIANAPOLIS — Steve and Melia McCauley love gift giving and have always looked for gifts with that ‘wow’ factor, but finding what they wanted wasn’t always easy.

“We found ourselves asking questions like, ‘How cool would it be if someone made this?’ or ‘Where in the world can I find this?'” Steve McCauley said.

Steve had a background in laser engraving, mostly in the medical manufacturing field, so they scraped together enough from their savings to buy a laser machine and launched Vintage Branding Company. That was seven years ago, and the business continues to grow.

Vintage Branding sells custom engraved items like jewelry, keychains, dog tags and wallet tags — but these aren’t just regular old initials. They work with you individually to create one-of-a-kind pieces. They can do the engraving in a loved one’s handwriting or etch an old photograph into metal.

The McCauleys are offering a big discount this weekend for Indy Now viewers. This Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6-7, use code ‘FOX59’ for 59% off all products on their website.

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