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Reindeer 101: Cool facts you didn’t know you wanted to know about Santa’s favorite animals

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INDIANAPOLIS — Meet Elsa the show reindeer, a friendly girl who doesn’t mind a few kisses.

Jingle John, the animal whisperer formerly known as Amazon John of Silly Safaris, brought her to visit Indy Now and shared some interesting facts about these adorable, festive animals.

Yes, reindeer and caribou are the same animal, except that reindeer are the domesticated version. Kind of like dogs and wolves, though not exactly.

Reindeer/caribou are the only species of deer where females get antlers. Females are called cows and males are called bulls, rather than does and bucks like the deer you see in the wild here.

Reindeer shed their antlers and regrow them once a year, so 4-year-old Elsa is on her fifth set of antlers.

She’s also (most likely) pregnant, expecting her fourth calf this spring, which will be bottle raised by Jingle John in his living room.

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