INDIANAPOLIS — May is all about speed in Indy, but we decided to slow it down for a few by hanging out with the pokiest creatures out there, tortoises.

Amazon John of Silly Safaris introduced us to some of his tortoise friends, large and small, and taught us a few fun facts about these slow-mo reptiles.

We met Tonka, a 45-pound preteen tortoise from Africa who will grow to 200 or 300 pounds in his lifetime. He’s an herbivore, so Amazon John brought him a nice salad and a banana to snack on.

People often take in turtles like Tonka as pets when they’re young, not realizing how big they will get, then eventually have to find them a new home.

Amazon John also brought a much smaller red-footed tortoise named Shelby that’s 30-40 years old and fully grown. (She’s from Shelbyville, in case you were wondering.)

He cleared up the difference between tortoises and turtles, too, for anyone who was unsure like us. Tortoises live only on the land, while turtles live mostly in the water.