INDIANAPOLIS — A new exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will transport visitors to the studio and work of famous Zionsville artist, Nancy Noël.

During her lifetime, Nancy Noël painted more than 1,000 original works, selling millions of prints around the world. Some of her work was even made for the Children’s Museum.

The museum had been working for a while to get an exhibit about Nancy’s work, even talking with her about it before she died in August 2020. Alex and his brother Michael picked the conversation back up, wanting a place for people to learn more about their mother and her art.

More than 40 of Noël’s works are on display. Her sons and The Children’s Museum selected pieces both huge and small to show her evolution as an artist, her diversity of styles and processes, her famous works, and her lesser-known newer pieces and pieces that provoke family discussions and engagement.

The Paintings of N. A. Noël exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis runs through January 9, 2022. People can visit the Children’s Museum website to see the times of when programs will be offered along with specific information about the programs. To see more work from Nancy Noël, visit the N.A. Noël website.