INDIANAPOLIS — It’s time for a little pillow talk with Jack Hope, owner of Hope Plumbing.

And by pillow talk we mean advice for protecting and maintaining your home’s pipes while holding pillows.

Water pressure is turned up citywide in the spring to accommodate the huge increase in water usage, but if plumbing in your home is already close to failure, the extra water pressure could put it over the edge.

“We replace a lot of water heaters in the spring, lots of leaking water lines. Anything that’s older and on the brink of breaking, that little bit of pressure is enough to do it,” Hope said.

To prevent unwanted leaks, strain on your pipes and other plumbing problems, the first step is testing your home’s water pressure. You can do it yourself by purchasing a testing gauge or you can call Hope Plumbing to come out and do it for free.

If your pressure is above about 80 or 85 pounds per square inch (psi), Hope recommends installing a pressure-reducing valve.

Hope Plumbing can be reached at 317-641-HOPE.