INDIANAPOLIS — We love when guests demonstrate exercises and strength-training moves that don’t require expensive equipment, and this one might be the most creative so far.

Whitney Miller, founder and owner of Transcend Health & Wellness, showed Indy Now Hosts Jillian Deam and Ryan Ahlwardt how to perfect squat form at home using any pole-shaped object — a mop, broom, feather duster, shovel, pool cue or whatever you can find.

Place the stick on your back and make sure it’s hitting three spots: your head, between your shoulder blades and right at your low back. The key is to keep the pole pinned to those three spots as you move up and down in a squat motion, which will keep you in the correct form.

Miller discussed why it’s so important to do strength training as we age. The older we get, the more muscle mass we lose. Strength training is important not only to be fit or have the ability to lift heavy objects; it’s important to make sure we can continue to do everyday movements and activities.

Transcend Health & Wellness offers group fitness programs and coaching for running, strength and reaching your goals in life. Miller also organizes weekend trail running retreats for women. The next one is Sept. 29 – Oct. 3 in Nashville, Indiana. All levels are welcome.

Visit the Transcend Health & Wellness website for more information on programs, coaching and the upcoming retreat. Use the promo code ‘THWINDYNOW’ for 10% off any service or the retreat. You can also connect with Miller on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.