INDIANAPOLIS — Viewers at home don’t see this, but after the show each day Indy Now’s Ryan Ahlwardt eats a VERY bougie salad he brought from home.

Lest the rest of us feel outdone, it’s Chef Kelsey Murphy to the rescue with three tips to elevate your summer salad game, creating a dish you’ll actually be excited to eat.

  • Make your own dressing: Fresh dressings beat the bottled kind any day, and they’re not difficult to make. Murphy, winner of “MasterChef: Legends” and owner of Inspo in the Fishers Test Kitchen, showed us how to make a creamy ranch using avocado, Greek yogurt, garlic, fresh herbs, seasonings and lime juice.
  • Mix flavors and textures: Incorporate something salty, sweet, fatty, sour and creamy for a well-balanced salad, Murphy said. The salad she made on the show had grilled corn and cucumber, feta cheese, honey roasted walnuts, grilled peaches and pickled watermelon rinds — topped with Goldfish crackers!
  • Use a variety of colors: Try to get red, orange, green and yellow into every salad you make. You can skip blue and purple, Murphy said, otherwise you’ll end up with red onions and blueberries every time.

Find Murphy’s recipes on her website,, or follow her on Instagram at @ChefKelseyMurphy.