INDIANAPOLIS — Becky Lane, aka Becky the Bakester, gave us a lesson in pie crust-making and shared her secret ingredient: vodka.

Use a half water, half vodka mixture instead of just water, she said. The vodka dries out faster than water in the oven, making for a flakier crust.

Lane is best known for her gourmet marshmallows in flavors like red velvet, hazelnut and cake batter, but she also sells pies — and the time is now to start ordering for Thanksgiving. This is the first year she’s offering pumpkin pie, and she spent weeks perfecting the recipe.

Use the code ‘ILOVEPIE’ for $3 off when you place a Thanksgiving pie preorder through Market Wagon. Her desserts are also available for pick up when you order online.

While she was in the studio, Lane shared some exciting news: Becky the Bakester was recently accepted into Indiana Artisan, a nonprofit representing ‘the best of the best’ among Indiana artists, craftspeople and food producers.

Applicant products are taste-tested by a panel of chefs, culinary instructors, food editors and more. A second panel reviews applications and assesses packaging, health standards, marketability in terms of appearance and price.

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