INDIANAPOLIS — The Film Yap’s Chris Lloyd stopped by to discuss the newest movies in theaters and on streaming.

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New in Theaters:

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies – A weekend getaway at a remote mansion turns deadly when a game of turns bloody real in this horror film featuring Pete Davidson. Read more
  • Emily the Criminal – Aubrey Plaza continues her transformation from TV funnylady to indie drama queen anchoring this sharp crime story that’s both anxiety-inducing and oddly redemptive. Read more
  • Mack & Rita – Diane Keaton stars in this body switcheroo comedy in which a 30-year-old woman finds herself suddenly transformed into her 70-year-old body. Read more
  • Summering – A warmhearted homage to pre-adolescent friendship that takes its cues from “Stand By Me,” but is more concerned with female relationships than potboiler plots. Read more

Cool on Streaming:

  • Day Shift – Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg star in this horror/comedy Netflixer about a pool man who uses his job to hide his real gig: hunting vampires.