INDIANAPOLIS — TMZ Reporter Jacob Wasserman joined us Thursday with the latest Hollywood headlines, including Brad Pitt’s revelation that he suffers from “face blindness,” or difficulty remembering faces and recognizing people later.

Face blindness is a condition affecting about 2.5% of the population, and although Pitt hasn’t been officially diagnosed by a medical professional, Wasserman said the star is certain he has it.

Pitt said the condition has done him a disservice over the years because people think he’s too arrogant or conceited to remember who they are, but insists he means no disrespect.

Wasserman also discussed the ongoing fallout from Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival performance in Houston last year. Ten people died and many more were injured after being crushed in the crowd.

The rapper faces a massive civil action lawsuit from attendees and families of the victims, and a lawyer representing them is saying Scott still has not gone far enough to control crowds at his shows.

The lawyer’s comments came even after a Coney Island show last weekend where Scott stopped in the middle of a song to address someone who was climbing a lighting tress. He asked them to come down, saying it wasn’t safe.