INDIANAPOLIS — As always, Charlie Neff from TMZ has the latest dirt from the celebrity world.

Neff, senior news producer for TMZ, filled us in on the latest victory for Britney Spears in the legal battle with dad Jamie over the handling of her conservatory.

A judge has ruled Spears will not be required to sit down for a deposition, even though it was recently ruled that her father will be deposed. Spears’ lawyer wants to question her dad about his handling of the money and address rumors like whether listening devices were planted in her bedroom.

Jamie Spears wanted his daughter to answer questions about her parenting and alleged drug use, but now his legal team won’t get that chance.

In Beyoncé news, her new album Renaissance was leaked to the public two days before its scheduled release, drawing ire from the Beyhive (aka Beyoncé superfans). They’re insisting people wait to listen to the album until it is officially released and listen to it in the order Queen Bey intended.

Our girl Neff admits she listened to the leaked copy (and liked it), but she also did her part by ordering a copy of the CD. (Yep, real CDs still exist.)