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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Attention thrill seekers! A new entertainment craze is slicing through Indianapolis.

A brand new axe throwing lounge is now open on Indy’s north side, where guests can experience the excitement of throwing axes while dressing the part.

Ragnarok Axe Throwing is located right next to Castleton Square Mall. The 90-minute ‘axeperience’ puts participants on teams– competing in different games of axe throwing at targets 12 feet away.

“You have people come in and they’re timid and then they start sticking axes,” said Richard Smith, the associate producer at Ragnarok Axe Throwing. “Those axes stick and you see it in their face. They get so excited, they get pumped up and they keep going and going.”

The activity is quickly gaining popularity, providing a unique experience to those who take on the challenge.

“From the moment these guys walk through the door, they’re going to have the ‘axeperience’ of Ragnarok Indianapolis,” said Smith. “They’re going to come in, they’re going to compete in four games and by the end of the night, the final survivor is going to take home the title of ‘Lumber Lord’. So, it’s a very thematic thing.”

Ragnarok Axe Throwing is for people of all ages and is the first location in Indiana to offer alcohol.

“You’re going to have a great time, I promise you that,” said Smith. “Five years from now, you’re going to be talking about it over turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.”

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