Divvy offers shareable variety in this week’s Foodie Spotlight

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Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the hottest food cities in America. A destination for true foodies who are interested in everything from fine dining to food trucks. This column will put the spotlight on one of these local hot spots to help get the word out and share in the love of all things food.

Review by Dustin Heller (@eatindywatchindie on Instagram) // Photos by Dave Pluimer (@davepluimer on Instagram)

I’ve always felt the old adage of “variety is the spice of life” is especially true when talking about food … and no, I’m not talking about all-you-can-eat buffets. I’m talking about small plate offerings for foodies, something a little more upscale and much more creative. Divvy is a restaurant and bar known for their eclectic and contemporary menu of shared plates and cocktails. 

The word divvy literally means “divide up and share” which is exactly the type of dining experience owners Richelle and Kevin “Woody” Rider had in mind when coming up with the concept. “Sip, share, savor” is their tagline after all. Richelle and Kevin are pretty much Indiana Foodie royalty. Chef Richelle helped open Scholar’s Inn in Bloomington and bring that brand to Indy. Kevin (if you couldn’t guess by the nickname) is the restauranteur of Woody’s Library Restaurant in Carmel. The couple wanted to create a sharing dining experience unlike any other in Indy – and voilà – Divvy was born.

Photo by @davepluimer

Divvy is located in the Carmel City Center at 71 City Center Drive just down from the Palladium and Christkindlmarkt. It is a wonderful place to take a group of friends and order one of everything on the menu. If you don’t have friends (wink, wink), the bar area has communal tables to help you make some new friends with whom you can share your food. The interior is beautifully furnished with trendy modern décor and the outdoor patio is the place to be when the sun is shining.

Photo by @davepluimer

Now let’s get into the most important part of all: the food. Chef Richelle has a degree in nutrition and dietetics and is the mastermind behind all of the dishes at Divvy. Did I mention the menu has a wide variety of options? From boards and beef to seafood and sweets, there is something for everyone (even those with special dietary needs including vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free). It would literally take all day for me to list all the delicious dishes on the Divvy menu, so I’m gonna save us all some time and effort and go straight into my four “can’t miss” items.

Savor Board: Selecting a chef featured tour board is probably cheating in this context, but I don’t care, the boards are the perfect way to experience Divvy. They have four boards on the menu with each containing five delectable items specifically chosen by Chef Richelle. They are all glorious in their own right, but I’m really diggin’ the Savor Board. The Savor features whipped feta and brûléed brie as the cheese options, sizzlin’ shrimp and porterhouse teasers for some protein, and finally blistered brussels sprouts for the veggie. It is the perfect size for table sharing and an excellent representation of the entire menu.

Photo by @davepluimer

Corn Crème Brûlée: Have you ever wondered what would happen if cream corn and crème brûlée had a baby? Well, I hadn’t either – but here we are. The sweetness of the corn combined with the heat of the jalapenos makes for a truly memorable bite; add to that the crunch of the brûléed crust and you’ve got something magical. This might just be the one item that you’re not going to want to share with the rest of the table.

Photo by @davepluimer

Little Lamb Chops: I’d say I’m dating myself here, but this reference is even before my time: When I think of Little Lamb Chops the first thing that comes to mind is Shari Lewis and her adorable puppet Lambchop. Youtube it if you’re curious. Anyway, let’s move on and talk about real lamb chops. The chops are perfectly cooked medium rare and served with a delightful chile mango sauce and red sea salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Thrown the knife and fork away when eating these, they are meant to be eaten with your hands!

Photo by @davepluimer

Brandy Alexander Poppable: I think we should end on a sweet note and delve into the dessert menu. I’d recommend getting a Dessert Taster Tour, but they’d have my head if I chose five more items for this list. What I will do is tell you about one of the items that you must get on your Taster Tour – the Brandy Alexander Poppable. They’re called poppable because they’re meant to be popped in your mouth and not bitten into. The Brandy Alexander is a combination of blended liqueurs, ice cream, whipped cream, and nutmeg dust all packaged nicely into a miniature dark chocolate cup. Just pop it in and enjoy the ride.

Photo by @davepluimer

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