Farmer tells GOP to ‘get their act together’ with message in cornfield

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EDGELEY, North Dakota — A retired farmer in a small community in North Dakota is getting a lot of attention for sharing his political views in the biggest way possible.

Gene Hanson, 75, of Edgeley, North Dakota, told FOX59 that he’s been making “cornfield art” for the last three years.

His farm photos recently went viral after he paid tribute to Prince by plowing Prince’s symbol into his cornfield last week.

But this week, it’s his political views that are getting a lot of attention. Hanson says he’s always been a supporter of the Republican Party. But recently, he says he’s been so fed up with them, and he doesn’t like the direction they’re headed.

So he took to his cornfield to share his feelings.

He plowed the message “GOP GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER” followed by the message “FEEL THE BERN.” He says it took him about two hours to plow the messages.

Together the messages are about the size of three football fields.

Hanson says he doesn’t use any special tools to create the messages. “I just write it on a small piece of paper and tape it one the hood of my old tractor. It has no cab or GPS on it. It has a three point disc on the back of it, and you just let it down at the right time and keep plowing,” Hanson told FOX59.

Hanson says he has two more messages planned for his fields next week, and he hopes his old tractor will hold up so he can continue creating art in the fields after crops have been harvested in the fall.

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