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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – A group of young Noblesville students are protesting next to a NRA tent following the school shooting at Noblesville Middle School.

The first boy at the Hoosier Armory, located on 10th St. in downtown Noblesville, is Ray Kenley, the grandson of former Republican state senator Luke Kenley.

“I made the sign and wanted to take it to a courthouse, but then I saw the NRA tent on the way.” Kenley told us.

Parents and students made signs and joined him.

Some of the signs read:

  • Who’s next? No! Guns!
  • Let us heal
  • Kids first
  • Kids before guns!

People running the NRA tent reportedly asked the kids to leave multiple times, but they stayed on the public sidewalk. The tent is set up to recruit new NRA members.

They refused to speak with us at the protest. Around 5 police cars responded to ensure safety.

Take a look at a picture of the protest below.