North side community comes together to search for dog missing since December

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- The north side community is coming together to help bring a 9-year-old dog back home.

Sable Sheltie, Ruby, went missing in December near 46th street and Sherman drive. She was spotted last week in Fishers.

Ruby's owner, Judy Smith, said Ruby went missing after she escaped while visiting a new groomer.

"For me, it's an emotional roller coaster," said Smith. "Right now, I'm kind of in standby mode because she was just seen. When it gets to be nine or ten days, I start to get sad, I get very anxious."

Every day since Ruby went missing, Smith and dozens of community members have worked tirelessly to help rescue her.

“We put out some food, a camera- a game cam and then we had our security camera," said volunteer, Frank Javorsky. "The next night, she showed up, she came up on our driveway and the next night she showed up also about the same time. She actually came up on our front porch, we had her that close and then the coyotes showed up. The third night she showed up, she ate, two coyotes showed up shortly after that and she moved on.”

Volunteers held a stakeout last week near Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers where they located Ruby through night vision goggles, but were unable to catch her.

“I feel in my heart of hearts, because they say I’m the cheerleader, that she will be found," said volunteer, Sharon Deloach.  "When negative things come up, I try to put the kibosh on it. 'Let's have positive thoughts and we’ll luck into it.' It’s just been a very overwhelming but good experience.”

Over the last five months, Smith said Ruby has traveled from 46th street all the way to 126th.

“I can’t even say the words of 'thank you' to the people that have helped, it’s just been enormous," said Smith.

Smith said Ruby is an anxious dog and has been difficult to catch because she's easily spooked and quickly runs off when approached.

Volunteers have tried traps and other ways to rescue Ruby but have had no success.

If you see Ruby, don't call or chase her. CALL: 317-698-2226 to report the sighting.

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