PHOTOS: Bridal party carries rescue puppies instead of flowers

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ELIZABETHTOWN, PA – A woman’s decision to have her bridal party hold rescue puppies instead of flowers is getting international attention!

Sarah Mallouk Crain and her new husband Matt Crain are very passionate about rescuing dogs.

Sarah works for a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation in central Pennsylvania called Pitties Love Peace. Sarah has served on the Board of Directors as the secretary and primary dog trainer since 2011 when it was founded.

Back in July, a litter of one-week-old Boxer-Coonhound puppies was brought to the shelter. Sarah and the staff helped bottle-feed the puppies until they were strong enough to eat on their own, and today, they’re perfectly normal rambunctious and fun-loving puppies.

As Sarah was planning her wedding, she decided it was fitting to highlight her love for rescue dogs on her special day, so she contacted photographer Caroline Logan about including the litter of puppies in her wedding pictures.

Caroline told FOX59 she was thrilled! “I was extra excited for Matt and Sarah’s day to arrive! Who doesn’t love a litter of rescue pups?!” Caroline said.

Photographing a litter of six rambunctious puppies certainly isn’t an easy task, but Caroline says it helped the bridal party be more at ease.

“Having something to divert attention from that uncomfortable ‘Oh my goodness, I’m getting my picture taken… what do I do with my hands?!’ feeling to pure puppy bliss made for relaxed photos. The bridal party was able to focus on interacting with the fun-loving puppies as I documented it all unfold,” Caroline said. “It was a dream for everyone!”

The groomsmen also joined in on the fun, and they had their pictures taken with rescue puppies too.

Since Caroline posted the photos on her Facebook page, they have gone viral and received international attention. “When I photographed my first wedding at age fourteen I NEVER imagined that my photos would someday go viral! It is surreal and so rewarding to see people connecting with the photos as much as they are!” Caroline said.

The adorable eight-week-old puppies named Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, and Louisa in honor of the First Ladies of the United States are currently up for adoption, and if you’re interested in bringing one home, you can fill out an application on the Pitties Love Peace website.

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