MARION, Ind. – The lawyers representing 83 women have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. William David Moore and 3 healthcare entities. 

The Marion, Ind. physician who had his license suspended in March, is accused of photographing women’s genitalia without their permission. He is also accused of inappropriate behavior during pelvic exams, including not wearing gloves, and ordering unneeded medical tests.

The lawsuit filed Friday lists 83 women, identified as Jane Does. It includes each Jane Doe’s age, when the woman is said to have sought medical treatment from Dr. Moore and where they were treated.

The medical malpractice suit is filed against Dr. William David Moore, Dr. Moore’s Women’s Healthcare, Ambulatory Care Center and Marion General Hospital.

The suit says Dr. Moore began practicing medicine in Grant County in about 1994. 

In the lawsuit, the women span in age from 15-73. They saw Dr. Moore throughout the span of his nearly three-decade career in Grant County.

Dr. Moore’s Women’s Healthcare, Ambulatory Care Center and Marion General Hospital are all accused in the lawsuit of failing to supervise and monitor Dr. Moore’s activities.

The lawsuit claimed Dr. Moore’s Women’s Healthcare, Ambulatory Care and Marion General Hospital had “actual and constructive knowledge and was on notice of the allegations of medical negligence and abuse of female patients” and “took no effective steps to detect, prevent or report the negligence, misconduct or abuse.”

Each healthcare provider is also accused of breaching its duty to screen and supervise employees and that those breaches, among others, constitute a distinct and separate act of medical malpractice.

The suit said the women suffered emotional distress, mental trauma and humiliation from their exams with Dr. Moore.

The lawsuit claims each act is a separate and distinct act of malpractice, and that each Jane Doe will seek all damages permitted under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act. 

Under Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act, a doctor is liable for $250,000 in damages for any one case. 

The lawsuit also calls the statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims unconstitutional because the women couldn’t have reasonably expected to recognize the scale of what was happening. Indiana legal code normally gives victims two years from the date of the incident. 

The Indiana State Police is currently investigating Dr. Moore. No details about that investigation have been made public. The Indiana State Police ask anyone who feels they were a victim of inappropriate behavior committed by Dr. Moore to contact the Peru post at (765) 473-6666.

The claims were first made public by FOX59 in January, after “Patient A” submitted a consumer complaint claiming that in April 2022 she was sexually assaulted by Dr. Moore during an examination and had photographs taken of her private area without her consent.

The patient claimed during the examination Dr. Moore touched her privates in a manner she felt was sexual, performed an examination longer than normal to conduct, and asked her questions about her ability to pleasure herself.

In January, Dr. Moore’s attorney provided the following statement:

Dr. David Moore was a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist for more than 40 years before retiring at age 76 in December, 2022.  His medical license was never subjected to any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency during his long career.  He cares about his patients and worked very hard to provide them with excellent care.  Dr. Moore is prohibited by patient confidentiality laws from discussing the care he provided to his patients or sharing any documents related to their care.  Dr. Moore denies the allegations filed by the Attorney General’s office and is prohibited from patient confidentiality laws from commenting further at this time.