It’s been nearly six months since the true crime documentary “Our Father” debuted on Netflix. “Our Father” tells the unsettling story about Dr. Donald Cline, a former Indiana fertility doctor who used his own sperm to impregnate his patients without their knowledge.

Since that documentary first came out, 14 people have filed lawsuits against Cline.

One of the families who filed a suit never suspected Cline was their biological father while watching the documentary. FOX59’s Angela Ganote spoke with that family.

Ganote broke the Cline story seven years ago, when Jacoba Ballard sent her a Facebook message asking for help uncovering the truth. Ballard believed she had proof her mother’s doctor deceived his patients by using his own sperm. When Jacoba reached out to Angela in February 2015, she believed Cline fathered at least 7 of her siblings. Today that number stands at 94.

Noblet family discovers the truth

Noblet family

The Noblets came forward as one of the latest families impacted by what Donald Cline did. Jerry and Pamela met in 1974. The couple had three sons. The two oldest, Josh and Ryan, excelled in athletics at Cathedral High School. Josh, a 6’4” Division I volleyball player and Ryan a 6’6” football player for Purdue and Arkansas.

The close-knit Catholic family never dreamed of what they would learn in June of 2022.

Josh Noblet works in the field of genetics. Josh sat down to watch “Our Father” and felt an instant connection to the opening scenes of the documentary. In it, Jacoba looks in the mirror and takes medicine for an autoimmune disease. Josh also takes autoimmune disease medication. “It really hit me. Because that is what I do every morning,” Josh said. The autoimmune disease is rare, affecting 8% or less of the population.

Josh ordered a 23 and Me kit, just curious about his autoimmune disease. Weeks later, he got the news he was never expecting. The woman he watched in the documentary, Jacoba Ballard, is his sister.

How did it happen?

Pamela and Jerry Noblet were having problems getting pregnant. Pamela worked at St. Vincent Hospital for one of Dr. Cline’s friends. The top fertility specialist was booked, so the friend recommended Cline. The Noblets said Pam wasn’t ovulating consistently, but after six months of medications, she hadn’t gotten pregnant. They say, that’s when Cline suggested inseminating Jerry’s sperm to enhance the chances of them getting pregnant. This method worked to conceive both Josh, then Ryan. Pamela remembers a conversation with Cline before Ryan was conceived, “He told me it will be much easier the second time because we got the recipe.” That quote sticks out in Pamela’s mind.

For more than 40 years, Jerry and Pamela had no reason to even think their sons were not fathered by Jerry. The Noblets even got pregnant with their third son with no fertility help at all.

They’ve filed a civil suit to get answers. Attorney Kent Winingham, who represents other siblings, said, “It is a very difficult situation for them. It is emotional moving forward with a civil case is hard. Having your name out there to the extent it is published, it is difficult for some people. They are willing to take that risk. They want to do something about it. They are strong. They want some accountability.”

From FOX59’s past reporting, we know Cline lied to his patients, saying he used sperm from the father or from medical students during insemination. But, in the Noblets’ case, Jerry did provide sperm samples.

The Noblets’ lawsuit and the others filed are in the early stages. Winingham, who represents multiple siblings, convinced a judge to grant a request for one plaintiff to remain anonymous. In Indiana, state statute requires doctors and health care providers to be named anonymously but the plaintiff typically must be named outright. Winingham hopes this revelation gives hope to others who have wanted justice but also their privacy. “It is only fair and balanced to be anonymous,” Winingham said.

Noblets sit down with Angela Ganote

The Noblets understand the desire for privacy. When the family first agreed to speak to Angela Ganote, the youngest son said he did not want to sit for the interview.

At first, Ryan was not going to speak and neither was Jerry. But during the interview, Jerry looked at his wife and said, “He raped you. It just makes me sick to my stomach. There are people in prison that haven’t done nearly what he has done. I would love to see him in prison!”

 Pamela wants to know one thing: why did Cline do it?

“I just wish someone would get him to say why he did it. If we weren’t as strong of a family as we are this would have been a very rough time.”

Pamela Noblet

Ryan openly wept while describing what it felt like to find out his dad wasn’t his biological father. Ryan told us about Cline and the recent months, “I am glad I did reach out for help. It saved me. I was in a bad place. I wanted to keep it quiet at first. He destroyed a lot of people’s lives.”

Ryan also feels the physical pain of the genetic autoimmune disorder he shares with his older brother. And the pain of knowing a man, a doctor his parents trusted, shattered everything he thought he knew about who he is, but he is determined to not let it destroy him.

“My dad is probably one of the strongest men I have ever met.”

Ryan Noblet

Jerry told both of his sons, “I told you then and I will tell you now you will always be a Noblet. Both of you, I love you.”