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WESTFIELD, Ind. — Creating your own custom planters might be intimidating if you’re not a big gardener, but Sundown Gardens explains that it’s easier than you think.

McKella Lynette and Mary Kirchner break it down into four simple steps, plus they share a foolproof shortcut to create a potted planter in a matter of minutes.

Choose your pot — Decide what size you want and whether to go simple or decorative.

Put screening down — Because planter pots have a hole in the bottom, you need to cover that up to keep the soil in. You can use a piece of screen from any hardware store, a coffee filter or even crumpled up pieces of an old, broken pot.

Fill with soil — Find a good soil and fill the pot, leaving about an inch of room at the top for the perfect level of planting.

Fertilize — You can use a granular fertilizer, which needs to be worked into the soil before you add the plants, or a liquid fertilizer that is watered in with the plants. Always read the package instructions to make sure you’re using the fertilizer properly and using the right amount.

Short on time? Take a hanging basket, drop it into your planter of choice and cut the wires off. You instantly have a planter with almost no work required.