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Update (Jan. 13, 2017)– John Rader is not facing any charges in connection with this case and police are no longer searching for him. Read more here.

Original story:

PRINCE’S LAKES, Ind.—The main suspect in a statewide Amber Alert case has an extensive criminal history.

John Rader, 40, is accused of kidnapping his two sons from Prince’s Lakes on Monday during a visit. Police say Rader lured the two boys to a stolen car and drove off with them. The children were found Monday night and returned to their grandparent’s custody, but Rader has been on the run ever since.

FOX59 obtained Rader’s arrest record from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department where he has more than a dozen arrests for things like theft, false reporting, parole violations, battery and drug possession.

Rader and the children’s biological mother Christina Williams recently lost custody of their two boys, Zeke and Avery, and they were placed with their grandparents in Johnson County.

Previous mugshot of Christina Williams
Previous mugshot of Christina Williams

After they went missing, police tracked Rader’s cell phone to a friend’s house in Brown County. Williams, who was already wanted on an unrelated warrant, was hiding at the friend’s house. She was arrested by U.S. Marshals.

Officers eventually intercepted the children in a car with two women—friends of friends—who reportedly were taking the children back to Johnson County.

Investigators believe the plan was to take the children to Texas, where they could not be extradited from.

Rader was last spotted in Columbus, Indiana on Monday. Police confirmed he stopped at a convenience store there, but he was nowhere to be found.

The stolen vehicle he was driving, described as a 2007 white Ford 500 sedan with black tinted windows and two breast cancer awareness stickers on the back, was found late Monday night in Columbus.

Prince’s Lakes Police Department is now handling the search for Rader and investigation into the alleged kidnapping, anyone with information or who spots Rader and the car is asked to contact them at (317) 933-2333.