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By Michael Henrich

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 4, 2014) — Fast food workers in Indianapolis are joining their colleagues in 160 other cities nationwide Thursday by striking for higher wages.

Events are scheduled at two McDonald’s restaurants, at 8:15 a.m. on 38th Street and Post Road and at 11:15 on 16th and Meridian streets.

The Fight for $15 movement has focused since 2012 on obtaining a $15 per hour wage for those working in the typically low-wage service industry.

FOX59 News interviewed the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to find out which careers already offer a $15 per hour wage.

“If you want to be making a higher wage, post-secondary education is a must nowadays in this job market,” said DWD spokesperson Joe Frank.

To earn $15 an hour, Frank said you’re typically looking at licensed practical nurses, welders, entry-level aircraft mechanics and automotive mechanics, all of which require more than a high school equivalency or diploma. currently lists around 3,600 open jobs that earn $15 per hour.  Frank said many of the necessary post-secondary training and certifications can be achieved in six months to one year.

At WorkOne, Frank said “we offer those training education programs for free.”

The fast food industry’s Fight for $15 continues Thursday with the goal of achieving a higher wage and union rights.

“I make $7.90 now and I believe that the jump is worth it because the economy will get better,” said Latisha Allender, who has worked for McDonald’s for the past year.  “Poverty must come to an end.  It’ll make more money for the communities and for a lot of people to really save up and support their kids better.”