On Wednesday, Netflix debuted “Our Father,” a documentary about Indiana fertility doctor Dr. Donald Cline and the 94 donor siblings he fathered by impregnating patients unknowingly at an Indianapolis fertility clinic.

The story began seven years ago when one donor sibling, Jacoba Ballard, took an at-home DNA test and learned she had seven siblings she had never met.

She soon learned they had one thing in common: their mothers were patients of Dr. Donald Cline.

More and more siblings were uncovered with the number reaching 94 at last check.

Two of those siblings, Brittney Melson and Alison Kramer, spoke to FOX59 about their reaction to their story reaching an audience of millions.

Melson and Kramer tell us they actually met for the first time just moments before they sat down on the red couch with Angela Ganote.

“It was exciting but also very emotional,” said Kramer about their meeting.

Melson tell us watching “Our Father” was tough for her.

“It hurt. My parents didn’t ask for,” Melson said through tears. “I struggle with who I am.”

Kramer’s parents were actually Dr. Cline’s colleagues, something revealed in the documentary.

“The hardest part for me personally, that the man who raised me, who I love dearly with all my heart — that I don’t share his DNA.”

Melson and Kramer said although they only met just minutes before the interview, they feel there’s already a bond.