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In January, FOX 59 brought you the story of three-year-old Norah Owens. She was killed in a car crash along I-65 in Franklin. At the time of the crash, Norah was waiting with her mother, Lindsey, in their stalled car. Lindsey put on her hazards and pulled over, but the car was still partially in the left lane.

For several minutes traffic was able to safely move over and pass Lindsey’s stopped vehicle. But as troopers were on their way to help a pickup driver slammed into their stalled car, killing Norah. Lindsay and the pickup driver survived. No one was charged in the crash.

Indiana’s’ “move over law” only applies to emergency vehicles. Moving over for all other cars in considered a courtesy. Norah’s family is now on a mission to change Indiana’s move over law, and they’re getting help from attorney Brandon Yosha and his law firm. Brandon joined Daniel in the studio with more on the effort to create Norah’s law.

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