INDIANAPOLIS — FOX59’s Lindy Thackston and Daniel Miller start the week with a countdown of today’s top five trending stories.

Without further ado:

5. Britney on Broadway

Britney Spears’ songs are hitting Broadway this summer. The pop star’s songs will be used in the musical comedy “Once Upon a One More Time.” The show puts a modern twist on classic fairy tales, following princesses who are changed after reading the book “The Feminine Mystique.”

The musical features Spears favorites like “Toxic” and “Oops!…I Did It Again.” The cast has not been announced but performances are set to start in May at the Marquis Theatre.

4. Doggie joy ride

This pup from Kilgore, Texas was reportedly driving recklessly through a parking lot in his owner’s truck, ramming into two other cars in the process. Sounds crazy, right? Witnesses report only the dog was in the vehicle when the incident happened. The owner was inside shopping.

Police assume the dog started wandering around the cab, hitting the steering column and getting its leash stuck on the parking brake. Fortunately, no one was injured.

3. Mom vs. rabid raccoon

A Connecticut mom’s heroic instinct is caught on camera when she jumps into action to rescue her daughter from a rabid raccoon that latched onto her leg. The girl tried to kick the animal off with no luck before mom arrived to join the fight. Mom is eventually able to grab the animal, which latches on for dear life until she’s able to free herself and toss him into the yard.

2. Self-service McDonald’s

The fast food giant is experimenting with a takeout and delivery-focused restaurant. The McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Texas is the first of its kind for the company. Drivers can pick up mobile orders from a conveyor belt, bypassing the traditional drive-thru.

1. Surprise SNL announcement

Saturday Night Live returned over the weekend after a break for Thanksgiving with superstar host Keke Palmer. The 29-year-old actress addressed all the internet pregnancy rumors in her opening monologue by pulling open her overcoat to reveal that she is, indeed, expecting.