Getting married during the coronavirus pandemic

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  Thousands of Hoosiers’ wedding plans have been put on hold. Even trying to get an application is a challenge. But you can still get both. Corrie and Jim Alfre managed to get married, face masks and all, in a park in Knightstown. It was not the wedding they had hoped for, but it was still very special.

“So we made it happen.  It wasn’t what we planned on, but it was still great,” said Corrie Alfre.

If you’re hoping to get married, it starts with the application, which can be difficult to get during this pandemic.  But in many local counties you can get a virtual appointment to get a license.  Here’s how.

“You can email the clerk’s office.  They will then set up a virtual appointment.  They will contact you and tell you where you can get all your documentation for your application for your marriage license.  They will then mail the marriage license and the application to the couple,” said Angel Bodenhamer, owner of Indiana Wedding Design

From there, Indiana Wedding Design has inexpensive wedding options, as low as $75.

“You come to us, we perform the ceremony, you have a great time, with kisses and off you go.  We will then send what’s needed back to the clerk’s office for processing, and you can have the reception at a later time,” said Bodenhamer.

What you can’t do at this time is get married over the internet. You can in places like New York, but not Indiana.

“In the state of Indiana, we cannot perform the ceremony over internet and solemnize the ceremony.  We can do any type of verbal ceremony, but as far as the legal paperwork, an officiant has to witness the couple in front of them officially signing the application,” said Bodenhamer

You can still get married in person, with limited guests, which is 10 right now. But you can have asb many guests as you want watching on the internet.  Many people are FaceTiming their families so they can still make memories.  That’s especially true for those who have dates that are very important to them.  For Corrie and Jim, they had a friend who was ordained who performed their ceremony, on April Fools’ Day, no joke.

“It was crazy. We had some hiccups, but again it’s unique and it turned out very special for us,” said Corrie and Jim Alfre.

If you’ve got a wedding already planned, one suggestion is not to cancel everything and get a refund and start all over.  If you went through a wedding planner, they suggest postponement instead.

“There’s not one vendor who is not willing to push that out, and even if they have a conflict, we all have partners that we work with and we can accommodate that for them,” Bodenhamer.

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