Veterans Day Freebies: Giving back to veterans with free meals and more

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(Nov. 6, 2014) – There are several free or discounted things you can give a veteran on Veteran’s Day in central Indiana.

Both Great Clips and Golden Corral say it’s a lot of fun to give back, and it’s the least they can do for members of the military! They are offering veterans something free for keeping us free.

“We’re doing two things that we’re really excited about. The first is on Veterans Day. Any military member can come in and get a free haircut here at Great Clips,” said Katie Riordan of Great Clips.

The second giveaway is not just on Veterans Day. And in this case, veterans don’t even have to be there.

“Anybody coming in for a haircut, we’ll give you a card that you can take and give to a veteran yourself. Then the veteran can come in and use it before the end of the year,” said Joanna Cooley, a manager at Great Clips.

They are also cooking up something special and free for veterans at the Golden Corral. In this case, it’s not on Nov. 11, which is Veterans Day. Instead, it’s happening on Nov. 17.

“We always celebrate on a Monday. And we call it Military Appreciation Monday. We do that every year for consistency sake because Veterans Day lands on different days of the week,” said John Flannery, district manager at Golden Corral.

Flannery says the restaurant offers all members of the military a free buffet and drink.

They also make it very easy on veterans to use it.

“We have a person at the front of our line, asking if they are a veteran or not. If they are, we give them a sticker so when they get to the cash register it’s much easier. They just go through, get whatever they want and we take good care of them,” said Flannery.

They also collect money for the Disabled American Veterans of DAV. They’re even raffling off a grill to help. Over the years and every day, they collect money for the DAV, through the generosity of guests.

Golden Corral has raised more than $8 million! The reason why they do this is simple and very emotional to Flannery.

“I mean, face it. What would we have if we didn’t have our veterans? It’s very emotional for me. It touches us. We are very proud of what we do and that’s why. We are very passionate,” said Flannery.

So, whether it’s a free haircut, or a meal, it’s much deserved for our veterans. You can find other discounts and freebies for veterans in your area right here.

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