INDIANAPOLIS — FOX59 is once again pushing our talent out of the studio (and their comfort zones) to try their hands at a new profession. It’s Hired or Fired week!

Daniel Miller joins DPW

So far this year, more than 15,000 potholes have been reported in the city of Indianapolis. It takes a lot of manpower to fill them, and that’s where the Indianapolis Department of Works (DPW) comes in.

FOX59 anchor Daniel Miller jumped on the crew as they were patching holes on Grandview Road on Indy’s north side.

Daniel’s boss for his Hired or Fired mission was “CB”, a DPW worker who has 27 years of experience on Indy’s roads.

“We’re gonna do it the right way,” CB assured Daniel.

Team work makes the dream work

Daniel quickly got to work, working in tandem with the crew.

He learned while one person uses a blower to clean the pothole of debris, another worker follows behind while pouring a substance that works as a glue for the next step: the hot mix.

Daniel poured, smoothed, and shoveled…filling potholes up and down the street.

Hired or Fired?

“I say you did great,” CB told Daniel at the end of his shift.

We’ll take that as a HIRED!

Great job, Daniel! If you ever get tired of the anchor desk, it sounds like you have a gig ready for you with DPW!

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