INDIANAPOLIS — FOX59 is once again pushing our talent out of the studio (and their comfort zones) to try their hands at a new profession. It’s Hired or Fired week!

Jim heads to Dandy Breeze Creamery

Sometimes it’s good to get out and breathe some fresh country air. That may be why FOX59 meteorologist Jim O’Brien made the trip to Sheridan’s Dandy Breeze Creamery.

That’s where he met Tom, the farmer in charge of around 80 cows, including the newest addition, 6-day-old Pearl.

Get to work!

After getting in some calf cuddles, Jim was sent to the milk production line at the creamery.

The milk was processed and pasteurized the night before and was now ready for Jim and the crew to prepare nearly 400 bottlefuls for distribution.

Hired or Fired?

Jim O’Brien might have a future in farming. He passed the Hired or Fired challenge with flying colors! Moovelous job, Jim!

“Remember, here at Dandy Breeze, no one’s ever been fired!” said Tom.

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