INDIANAPOLIS — FOX59 is once again pushing our talent out of the studio (and their comfort zones) to try their hands at a new profession. It’s Hired or Fired week!

First up, Britt Baker!

There’s a lot that goes on into getting a six-hour morning show on the air, but viewers only see what goes on in front of the camera. It turns out there is just as much going on behind the scenes to make that television magic.

There’s a hardworking but unsung group of heroes known as FOX59’s production assistants, and traffic reporter Britt Baker wants to see if she can pass the Hired or Fired test to join the crew.

What does a PA do?

A production assistant actually has several jobs: running the teleprompter (the words the talent reads from the camera), manning the audio board (turning on the mics/music/sound elements at the right time), and floor directing (telling the talent where to go/what cameras to look at).

Floor directing turned out to be Britt’s favorite, because she maaaaybe enjoyed bossing her coworkers around.

Hired or Fired?

While she shouldn’t quit her day job at the traffic center, Britt squeaked by to get hired!

“Traffic is definitely your wheelhouse, but you did get here on time. And you did dress the part,” our veteran production assistant Scott Rainey told Britt during her assessment.

We have two more Hired or Fireds coming up this week.

See if Jim O’Brien can cut the mustard as a dairy farmer, plus Daniel Miller will put on the hard hat to fill potholes with DPW.