INDIANAPOLIS – One of the most common ways to clean your hardwood floors is with suction which requires power and vacuum wheels that can leave marks on a waxed floor.  You can also use some form of a wet cleaning pad on a pole. 

Instead consider getting a wide dry mop.  When you search for them on the internet, they are listed as a “deluxe dust mop kit.”  They range from 18 inches to six feet wide.  The dust mops come in microfiber or cloth.  I bought the four-foot cloth version for about $40.  I found they work great because they are so wide and everything clings to them.  It cut my floor cleaning time from 15 minutes to about two minutes!  The mop gets under stuff, and you can pivot around corners and furniture

Manufacturers have advice which may seem like common sense: place the mop head flat against the floor as close as possible to one edge of the room. Make long, straight passes to the other side of the room. Repeat by slightly overlapping the passes and keeping any debris in the front of the mop. Try to maintain contact between the mop head and the floor, and keep it as flat as possible to prevent spreading the dust and dirt.

Now that you have all that dust on one side of your mop, how do you get rid of it?   

Refrain from picking it up and making a new mess.  Instead, just drive the dust right up to a different kind of a vacuum that sits on the floor.  It’s what hairdressers use to sweep up your trimmings off hair.  You get right next to it with the mop and it sucks it up automatically. 

There are all kinds of colors and types of floor vacuums that you can find for about $120.  I bought an Eye-vac. I just leave it plugged in and sitting there next to a wall, as it looks fairly nice.  You just have to dump the container once every few months, depending on usage. 

Finally, do you have to clean the deluxe dust mop kit?  You can, although I generally don’t, but I also don’t use it to clean anything super wet that would get it filthy.  

If you want the best results, clean heavy-traffic areas with a damp mop once every month or two with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner.  Many manufacturers recommend applying a fresh coat of finish about every five years, but it depends on wear patterns and what you want to do.  They also say to sand and finish every 10 years, if it’s needed and if you have the time.