INDIANAPOLIS —   When you are doing a home project, one of the most time consuming aspects can be getting rid of what you don’t need.  When I replaced my deck years ago, I took it down and kept the big joists to reuse them.  But I didn’t need the old deck boards or railings.  So, I just put a sign in my yard and someone picked them up and hauled them away.   

The lesson is to always try to give away or even sell what you don’t want.  It can save you time and effort.

Homeowners Mallory and Jacob Wilson are an example of that.

“First of all, there were weeds underneath those rocks that were really hard to get to.  We didn’t like the look of the rock and were always more fans of mulch.  So we just decided to take the rock up and put the mulch down,” said homeowner Jacob Wilson.

The Wilsons got a hold of me and asked how to get rid of the rock, versus paying to take it to the dump.  I suggested, put an add on Facebook Marketplace, or somewhere else saying:   “Free rock, just come shovel it up and take it away.”

“Yea, that would have been nice.  We didn’t do that.  I did the shoveling, even so we did get rid of the rock and didn’t have to pay a dump fee. We listed the rock on-line and that worked,” said Jacob.

There are all sorts of other options nowadays to sell and buy stuff online as well.  They include Nextdoor, Craigslist, VarageSale, OfferUp, and Decluttr.

“We bought plastic bins to shovel the rocks into.  They were about $10, but we were just like, take the rock please, so it didn’t matter it cost us a little money,” joked Mallory.

Another FOX59 viewer had a big tree fall down in her backyard.  She posted it as, “free firewood, you just chop it up and take it away.”  And somebody did exactly that the very next day.  That saved her a lot of time, effort and money.

In another case, we spoke to a homeowner who made money when getting rid of stuff.  She sold things when she moved from one place to another and thought no one would want the items.  But she quickly sold an old dresser, a tiny TV, exercise bike, even a garden hose.

Back to the Wilsons and their rock to mulch make-over.  It looks great.

“It was easy, it was cheap and we really like the way that it looks now with mulch.  We would suggest if you have something you don’t want, go online and give it away or try to sell it,” said Mallory.

You can also give away certain items to places like Goodwill, so keep that in mind.  Plus your donations can be tax deductible.