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BEDFORD – A college student from Indiana was just looking for a way to lengthen her own eyelashes, but she developed a cosmetic concoction that she hopes could be the next big thing in beauty.

Megan Cox says her invention, Wink, didn’t just make her lashes appear longer,  but it actually promoted eyelash growth.

Cox is a student at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She tells The Times-Mail she saw a need for the product after getting tired of costly eyelash extensions.

After a year of development, Cox began testing it on herself and others,  That’s when she knew she was onto something. She found users grew about 60 to 80 new lashes in eight to 10 weeks.

Cox says she hopes to market Wink as an all-natural alternative to other serums. The product doesn’t require FDA testing because none of its ingredients are regulated. She’s looking for Boston-area salons to carry the product.