Aloha! You may be surprised to know there’s a tropical themed breakfast and brunch spot on Indy’s north side.

Well, the secret’s out now that A2Z Cafe has been voted as Indy’s Best brunch.

The restaurant has been “hiding” in plain sight since 2004 at 4705 E. 96th Street, and owners Tom and Gina Rosenow say some people refer to A2Z as the “magic cafe.”

“I’m actually Filipino, but Hawaii has such a beautiful Aloha spirit which translates into kindness and goodness and being a nice person. That’s what we want here — people to feel welcome and a pleasant feeling when you’re having a meal here with us,” said Gina.

If you’re familiar at all with Hawaiian cuisine, you know Spam (also known as pork in a can) is a staple.

“Spam is a very big deal in Hawaii and Filipino culture because it was brought there back in World War [II],” explained Gina. “It’s a little salty, but when you try it, it’s pretty darn good.”

While the restaurant started in 2004, Gina Rosenow and her husband took over in 2014.

“Ten years after the original owner decided he wanted to retire the business, I texted my husband and said, ‘Hey, this can’t be that hard.’ Everyone laughed at me and said I was crazy, and here we are,” laughed Gina.

While 2020 was a difficult year for the restaurant industry, Gina credits A2Z’s loyal customers for getting them through.

“They’re the 12th man on our team.”

If you like your breakfast to be on the sweet side, Gina says A2Z does custom-made waffles including a Belgian waffle with peaches and a vanilla cream made in house and a chocolate waffle with ice cream.

If you want to really immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture, you have to try the loco moco – a rice dish topped with a hamburger, brown gravy, and an over easy egg.

“You should eat it with the egg oozing all through it,” recommended Gina. “That’s the goodness.”

The restaurant also has cocktails on the menu including a POG bellini, which is made with passion fruit, orange, and guava.

Some items are available on certain days of the week like fish tacos on Fridays and weekend specials.

“We do fun food in a fun atmosphere.”