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You know a place has great wings when it goes through 10,000 pounds on Super Bowl Sunday alone!

FOX59 viewers have voted Ale Emporium as the best wings in the Indy area, beating out 1313 Eatery, Checkered Flag Tavern, and R&R Extreme Wings.

Amber Hardwick visited the Ale Emporium in the Castleton area to get her very first bite of the legendary wings.

Her reaction? “Oh, man! I can see why these won!”

She talked to managers Brett Glaze and Marcus Bethea who say they usually go through about 5,000 pounds of wings at the Castleton location, plus an additional 5,000 for the Greenwood and Fishers locations combined.

If you plan on bringing your family, Ale Emporium remind guests the Castleton location is 21 and over. Kids are welcome at the Fishers and Greenwood restaurants.

If you plan on ordering wings for the Super Bowl, Bethea says you should factor in a wait time of around an hour and a half.