The Greater Indianapolis area is home to dozens of coffee shops, and lots of faithful coffee drinkers have their favorite — based on either having the best brew or the best atmosphere to sit down and sip a cup of joe.

FOX59 wanted to find Indy’s Best coffee shop, and after hundreds of votes — the winner is Founders Grounds Coffee Shop in Speedway.

The shop on Speedway’s Main Street is above the Barbecue & Bourbon restaurant and has only been open for about seven months, but it’s quickly become a hit with locals.

“We’re very lucky,” said co-owner Jeff Matthews. “We appreciate everything.”

According to Matthews, Founders Grounds was named in honor of the four founders of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Sherman got to try some of the drinks, including a “checkered flag” which is described as a black and white mocha.

There’s also some great food. According to Matthews, Founders Ground is known as the “panini kings” of Main Street.

“We do them here in house, and it’s a great little hot sandwich for people.”

Diners can also choose pastries that are made in house.

“We’ve got scones. We’ve got cinnamon rolls,” said Matthews. “Our coffee cake is extremely popular.”

Sherman also took some to chat with lead barista Joey Richter, who whipped up some Girl Scout cookie-inspired drinks for us.

“I grew up on the west side of Indy, and a coffee shop is something that Main Street has needed,” Richter said.

Richter credits Matthews and his wife for getting the word out about the coffee shop, as well as the community support, for the eatery’s success

Founders Grounders is open every day except Sunday from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.