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Hoosiers love their pork tenderloin sandwiches, so FOX59 made it our mission to find Indy’s Best.

According to our viewers, Indy’s Best tenderloin is on the near southeast side at Edwards Drive-In.

Sherman hit the road to visit Edwards Drive-In to deliver the good news himself.

He met up with Edwards Drive-In’s owner Jeff Edwards who described his restaurant as a “modern version of a ’50s diner.”

So what about the tenderloin? Edwards says the tenderloins there are hand cut and then cubed “several times to get the tenderness out of them.” After that, the tenderloins are hand breaded.

“We don’t overseason ours,” added Edwards. “We allow the customer to do that themselves.”

Edwards Drive-In has been churning out tenderloins since 1957 — no doubt a big part of why they were named Indy’s Best!