This week, we did something a little different for Indy’s Best Classic Fair Food.

Normally, we only have one winner for each topic. But since there are so many great classic fair foods, and they can all be found within the confines of the Indiana State Fairgrounds…we are going with a top three!

3. Corn dogs (#1 in Sherman’s heart)

Coming in at number three, one of the most glorious foods you can eat on a stick: the corn dog.

We visited King’s Food Service stand to sample their corn dogs.

“It’s a fair staple,” said Krista King, who said they make thousands of corn dogs at the state fair every year.

She explained the process to us.

“First you poke your dog on the stick. Then we use a cornmeal batter. Ours is a little sweet, a little savory,” King explained. “You just dip it fresh every time, and then you stick it right in the fryer.”

If you visit’s King’s stand, make sure you like ketchup and/or mustard! They like to “paint” the condiment on their corn dogs, a tradition started by King’s father-in-law.

2. Elephant ears

Our viewers went with something a little sweeter for the #2 classic fair food: the elephant ear!

The giant cinnamon and sugar dusted fried dough concoction is a must for many people at the fair.

We headed straight to Red Barn Elephant Ears, owned by Coffman Concessions out of Wabash.

Kara Ravenscroft was on elephant ear duty this morning, and she was nice enough to explain the difference between elephant ears and funnel cakes.

“Elephant ears are made out of a bread dough, and funnel cakes are made out of a pancake batter.”

Her advice on eating an elephant ear?

“One bite at a time.”

Corn on the cob

And in first place, corn on the cob!

Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties so Sherman was not able to go live from the corn on the cob stand with the folks from Wilson’s Roasted Sweet Corn.

But we don’t need live television to know corn on the cob is delicious!