The prize goes to the piggies!

Oinking Acres Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Brownsburg has been voted as Indy’s Best Farm Experience.

“It’s exciting. It helps us spread our mission that we take in farm animals that are in need,” said cofounder Adele Head.

The animals at the sanctuary are usually taken from animal control situations and rehomed.

You can sponsor an animal to help with its care as well.

On weekends, Oinking Acres is open to tours to the public.

“Pigs are misunderstood. They do make great pets for the right home,” said Head. “We know that we can’t take in all of the pigs in need. By bringing the public in, we hope to be a catalyst for change, [so] people will research more before they buy a pet pig.”

You can sign up for a tour here. A $10 donation per person is required.