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INDIANAPOLIS — As the weather gets colder, kids will be going outside less and less and spending more time playing indoors. On this month’s Kids First on Fox, we are discussing how what children do with their time inside is important to their health. Parents can also help by maximizing the power of play.

Tonja Eagan, CEO of LifeSmart Youth, and Jo Yocum, executive director of Playworks Indiana, spoke about the topic.

As Eagan explained, kids engaging in active play helps them not physically but socially and emotionally as well.

Yocum said, Playworks encourages parents to utilize something it calls the “six principles of play.” They include giving children the opportunity to play,  not treating playtime as a reward that can be taken away and giving kids the chance to choose how and what they play.

You can check out more about the principles of play by watching the interview. You can also hear how most outdoor activities can be made indoors with a few modifications.

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