Landscaping can improve your home’s curb appeal without costing much money

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -  Landscaping is one of the fastest ways to improve your home's curb appeal. It can often add thousands of dollars of value to a property without the homeowner spending much money.

You can simply keep up with mowing, weed your lawn, add hardscape, and trim overgrown bushes and trees. Don’t forget leaf removal from gutters and annual flower planting as well.

“A little bit of landscaping can go a long way. In fact, I prefer the outside of my house to the inside of my house these days,” said homeowner Suzanne Mumphrey.

Thomas Lawn and Landscaping takes care of Mumphrey's property.

“Recently, I had all my trees and bushes trimmed and the mulch laid out and the weeds picked up.  Before it's always a mess from everything in the winter time dying off.  And after it's fresh, it's flowers blooming, it's just gorgeous, and it makes me happy,” said Mumphrey.

It's not just about how good it looks, but the green it can add to your value. According to a recent realtor poll, they’ve found incredible results from landscaping.

“Your home's value, the exterior landscaping helps it 28%, so as someone who is putting their house on the market or just really cares about the exterior of the home, they're going to see that return in investment,” said Chris Thomas, owner of Thomas Lawn and Landscaping. 

Even if you're not selling your property, maintenance is good for your home, and it should cost you very little depending on the size of the job. Simply picking up the debris from winter, like sticks and leaves, can add a ton of curb appeal. You can always do landscaping yourself.

In many cases, a professional can do it cheaper and quicker. That often applies to fertilizing and mulching. That's because homeowners can go overboard.

“It's actually counterproductive. They might put too much mulch down which can suffocate the plants, bushes and trees and it's counterproductive. We go in and remove it to help the health of the plants. Plus, unneeded mulch means unneeded expense. Landscapers calculate what you need,” said Thomas.

Price around and check for references when hiring a landscaper and make sure they have a plan and price.

“We get all the guys together and come up with a big idea how the yard is going to be. One of the simplest visual bangs for your bucks is edging. It really lines it up, cleans it, and makes it look nice and crisp and  it really shows,” said Michael Dewees, crew member with Thomas Lawn and Landscape.

The experts often charge by square footage, which allows you to compare. Pick someone with a good reputation and stick with them if you're happy.  If not, look elsewhere.

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