Use Your Noodle: 4 creative and healthy ways to eat noodles

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It’s National Noodle Month, National Sauce Month and National Nutrition Month! There are so many creative ways to use those common noodles. Dietitian Kim Galeaz shares four creative – and healthy – ways to use your noodles.

Spicy Red Wine Spaghetti

Spicy Red Wine Spaghetti

1 bottle full-bodied red wine, such as Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot or Zinfandel
4 cups water

1 pound Kroger spaghetti, preferably bronze cut (Pastificio DiMartino brand)

2 – 3 tablespoons Private Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/3 to ½ cup finely chopped shallots

4 large garlic cloves, finely minced

1 teaspoon Kroger crushed red pepper (add a little more if you really like spicy foods)

2 -3 tablespoons Kroger salted butter

Salt and pepper to taste (about 1/8 teaspoon each)

1 cup grated Private Selection parmesan cheese (freshly grated yourself from an 8 oz. wedge)

½ cup finely chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley

(Additional grated Parmesan cheese for serving garnish)


Measure out ¼ cup red wine and set aside. In a large stock pot or Dutch oven, combine the water and remainder of the red wine. Bring to a boil. Add spaghetti once boiling and cook until al dente, about 6 to 7 minutes, stirring frequently. Before draining cooked spaghetti, take out ¼ cup of the cooking liquid and set aside. In a large skillet (at least 14 inches) over medium heat, add oil. Once oil is hot, add shallots, garlic and crushed red pepper. Cook, stirring constantly, about 2 -3 minutes. Add the reserved cooking liquid and reserved ¼ cup red wine. Simmer, then add cooked spaghetti and toss well to coat all strands. Add butter, stirring until it completely melts. Add salt, pepper, grated parmesan and chopped parsley. Stir lightly to blend. Serve immediately, topping with additional grated Parmesan or other Italian cheese. Makes about 4 to 6 servings, depending on serving size.

Recipe by culinary registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel

Crunchy or simple topping

Simple: sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar liberally

Crunchy version:

1 ¾ cups Kroger corn flakes cereal, crushed after measuring 1 ¾ cups flakes

¾ cup chopped Kroger Simple Truth Pecans

1-2 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon Kroger or Private Selection ground cinnamon

5 – 6 tablespoons melted butter

1 ¼ cup Kroger raisins

1 bag (12 oz.) Kroger Whole Wheat Wide egg Noodles

16 ounces Daisy sour cream

1 cup 4% Daisy cottage cheese

1 package (8 oz.) Kroger cream cheese, softened slightly

6 large eggs

1 cup white granulated sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons Kroger unsalted butter, melted


Heat oven to 350⁰F. Butter a 9×13-inch glass casserole dish.

If you prefer the crunchy topping for kugel, mix all ingredients in a medium bowl. Set aside.

In a small bowl, plump/soften raisins by pouring very hot or boiling water over them. Let side at least 10 minutes. Drain water.

Cook noodles 1 minute or so less than package directions; they will cook more in the oven. Drain noodles and set aside in a very large bowl.

In a large electric mixer bowl with paddle attachment, mix sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, salt and melted butter until thoroughly blended. Pour this creamy mixture over cooked noodles in big bowl, along with raisins. Toss lightly to blend. Transfer mixture to greased casserole dish. Sprinkle with either the cinnamon-sugar for a simple topping, or the crunchy topping. Bake about 40 to 45 or until the kugel is set in center and the crunchy topping is thoroughly browned. Let cool about 10 minutes before cutting. It will firm up as it cools. Cover and refrigerate leftovers.

Makes about 12 – 15 servings depending on cut size.

Recipe by culinary registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

Fruity Nutty Ramen Noodle Salad

Fruity Nutty Ramen Noodle Salad

1 bag (12 oz.) Kroger Broccoli Slaw

2 cups thinly cut/chopped red cabbage

2 cups thinly cut/chopped green cabbage

1 ¼ cups chopped green onion (white and green parts)

1 can (15 oz.) Kroger Mandarin Oranges, drained

1 can (15 oz.) Del Monte diced mango, drained

¾ cup Kroger Simple Truth Natural Sliced Almonds

¾ cup Kroger Sunflower Seeds, salted and dry roasted

2 packages (3 oz. each) Ramen Noodles, seasoning packet discarded and noodles broken up into small chunks**

½ cup Kroger vegetable or canola oil

1/3 to ½ cup white vinegar

3 tablespoons sugar

¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper


In a very large bowl, add broccoli slaw, red and green cabbage and green onion. Toss lightly. Add drained mandarin oranges and mango, along with almond and sunflower seeds. Toss lightly again. Add broken ramen noodles. In a separate small bowl, whisk together oil, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Pour over salad and toss lightly to coat all ingredients. Serve immediately. Refrigerate leftovers in tightly covered container. Makes about 14 cups salad (12 servings of 1 heaping cup each)


**If you’re not serving salad immediately, and making it in advance, combine all ingredients EXCEPT the ramen noodles. Stir those in right before serving. Noodles will become soft like pasta noodles once they are in the mixture for several hours. Still perfectly fantastic, just slightly less crunch. So in that case, I always add extra almonds and sunflower seeds several days later!

Recipe by culinary registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

Almond Butter Sauce Soba Noodles with Vegetables

Almond Butter Sauce Soba Noodles with Vegetables

Vegetables for Noodle Dish

Sliced cucumbers

Red, yellow and orange bell peppers, cut into strips

Chopped green onions

Finely chopped cilantro


1 package (10.6 oz.) Kroger HemisFares Soba Buckwheat Noodles (Asian foods aisle)


¾ to 1 cup Kroger Creamy Almond Butter

2 – 3 finely minced garlic cloves (about 2 teaspoons total)

½ cup Kroger Light Soy Sauce (less sodium)

¼ – 1/3 cup unseasoned rice wine vinegar

2-4 tablespoons Kroger honey

1 ½ – 2 teaspoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon almond oil (or vegetable or canola oil)

¼ teaspoon onion powder

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

1 1/3 cup Simple Truth Natural Sliced Almonds, divided


Prepare all cucumbers, bell peppers, green onions and cilantro so it’s ready once noodles and sauce are done. Cook soba noodles according to package directions. While noodles cook, make almond sauce in food processor (or blender). Combine almond butter, garlic, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar in processor bowl; process until combined. Add honey, sesame oil, almond oil and onion powder. Blend again. Add 1/3 cup sliced almonds and process until nearly smooth. Taste sauce, adjusting any ingredients to make it sweeter, spicier or more almond-y according to your preferences. Serve immediately with cooked soba noodles, topping with desired fresh vegetables and additional sliced almonds. Makes about 2 cups sauce, and 4 to 6 servings total noodles with sauce.

Recipe by culinary registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

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