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LEBANON Ind. — It might look like a typical children’s clothing store at first glance, but “Wishing Wings” boutique is far from it.

That’s because everything there is free!

“We have clothes, we have bedding, home decoration, shoes, makeup. Anything you think a kid would love, we have,” explained Wishing Wings founder Ginger Summers.

But not everyone can shop there. It’s only for children in foster care or kindship care.

The boutique has been open less than a year, but it has already helped dozens of children from Boone County and the surrounding areas.

Summers has worked with foster kids for years. She says she noticed teens were left out when it came to donations, relocation needs and other services.

Earlier this year, Summers started collecting items for them , aimed at giving them some extra attention and care.

“We want the children to be able gain some confidence, walk with a little kick in their step. They can come in try things on, basically anything that is in the boutique is free for them to take and feel special,” she explained,

Right now, the boutique is at capacity. But they are always in need of monetary donations for other things, like their grant a wish program.

Once a year, that program gives foster and kindship child funds to participate in extracurricular activities.

Children must have placement letter or referral to shop there.

The store will be open on the following days from 9AM to 4PM: It is located at Central Christian Church, 311 E. Main St, Lebanon.

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